Thursday, February 08, 2007

About this blog

About my research

The 9/11 research community is divided into two factions: journalistic researchers like Michael Ruppert or Paul Thompson and physical researchers like Dewdney and Jones, roughly corresponding the LIHOP(journalistic) /MIHOP (physical) classification.

My research doesn't fit into this pattern. It is mainly journalistic, but strongly points to MIHOP. It validates and brings together two concepts:

- the possibility of changing the identity of an airborne aircraft, at first proposed by A.K. Dewdney;
- the degeneration of military drills into deadly attacks, achieved by small modifications of the original exercises, as proposed by Webster Tarpley.

The combination of these two concepts refutes the often expressed impossibility of performing a gigantic false flag operation like the 9/11 attacks without having thousands of co-conspirators. This blog is created to show that it was indeed possible, beginning with the introduction of a secret flight that actively participated in the wargames.

My oeuvre
Flight 11 - The Twin Flight 
2 The Cleveland Airport Mystery 
3 The Secret Hijacking 
4a How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking Part I
How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking Part II 
5 Plane Swap over Pennsylvania

Out of these articles, ## 1, 2, and 5 avoid speculative considerations, but simply gather authentic reports about their respective subjects and show that the occuring contradictions can easily solved by postulating duplicated planes: two "Flight 11" at Boston Airport (#1), two "Delta 1989" at Cleveland Airport (#2) and two "Flight 93" in the skies over Pennsylvania (#3).

Articles ## 4 and 5 resemble the considerations of a police officer in an advanced stadium of a criminal investigation; they include conclusions based on well-founded speculations, but fall short of proof.

My motives

Like all Germans younger than 80, I am deeply influenced by American culture. Donald Duck and Huck Finn were the heroes of my youth. I spent hundreds of hours in front of my computer screen without receiving 1 (euro-)cent. I believe that the American democracy, already heavily damaged, is in big danger if the 9/11 attacks are not solved, and that a failure of solving them will have tremendous repercussions not only for the American society, but the rest of the world, too.

So I do what I have to do.