Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Child is not Jane Richard - Update

As I've shown in this previous posting, the curly child carried by Matt Patterson has later incorrectly been identified as Jane Richard. The statement of Alan Hern, whose son Aaron was severely injured by the Forum bomb too, confirms not only the existence of this unnamed child - a boy -, but also the later cover-up of his existence by the Wall Street Journal.

Here's a WSJ report from April 16th: 

Another young boy, with curly hair, was lying nearby, gravely injured, Mr. Hern said. He looked over his son’s body and found a jarring exposed wound: His upper left thigh appeared to be torn up by shrapnel, Mr. Hern said. “It looked like a war wound.”  - this description matches exactly the photos of the child and Patterson's early statements.

 Interestingly, one day later, the story slightly changes:

Note the subtle difference: now it is not the curly boy, but Aaron Hern whose left thigh was torn by shrapnel and looked like a war wound, who got a tourniquet and was whisked off to an ambulance. Only the "jarring exposed wound" is missing. But Aaron Hern didn't break any bones or damage any arteries (Boston Globe) - so what was the tourniquet for?

And for what reason did the Wall Street Journal change their article within one day and transfer every information about the curly boy onto Aaron Hern? Was this metamorphosis maybe induced by the same forces which caused many media to claim that the curly boy was Jane Richard?